Our Team

Dr. John Cambridge

Dr. Cambridge has earned an MPH from the Rutgers School of Public Health and a doctorate in entomology from Rutgers University. He helps coordinate the actions of all team members and ensures that every project is being executed to the highest capabilities of the group.

Stommy Blauth

Flight House Director
Stommy joins us after 7 years working for the Churchville Nature Center where she opened and directed the JVM Butterfly House. Here with Plan A, she will be the director of our butterfly pavilion at the Insectarium Institute, which will focus on native butterflies and showcase all the stages of development.

Allison Payenski

Educational Coordinator
Ms. Payenski is a recent graduate of Rutgers University, earning a masters in Life Science Education. She develops curricula for teachers to use and integrates in-school and extracurricular learning opportunities.

Wlodek Lapkiewicz

Living Colonies Director
Our living colonies director, originally from Poland, displayed a passion for insects from a young age and began to cultivate a collection of praying mantises once he moved to the US. While graduating from Rutgers University he became renowned for his knowledge on collecting and rearing different invertebrates and now does so for Plan A’s work at the Insectarium Institute.

Alex Squeo

Artistic Director
Alex Squeo is in charge of the aesthetic qualities of the educational information being redesigned and focuses on integrating content and art to make the information more engaging for students and families alike.